Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Steam Sales Guide: May 13

Welcome to the weekly Steam Sales Guide. As a staple of this article, I'll be including my Steam Sales rules for how to buy games that pop up on sale, and then put in my two cents for games that I think you should check out.

Guidelines for purchasing on the new Steam Weekly Sales: These are some general guides to help you with the multitude of games on sale that are outside my recommendations. We may have different taste in games, and so a game I don't think is worth it may be to you. Following these guidelines though will help you to make good Steam mini-sales decisions.

1. Only buy at 50% off or greater: Many of the games going on sale are priced with 10-40% discounts. While this may be just enough savings for a game high on your wishlist, it certainly isn't for just a really cool looking game that WILL be cheaper on a regular sale.

2. Only buy at less than 5$: This applies exactly like the above rule. Many games are still in the 10-20 dollar range even on sale. This may be enough for a game on your wishlist, but never gamble more on a complete shot in the dark.

3. Only buy games on your wish list: This is if the first two rules don't apply. Say you really want a game that is on sale, but the discount is only 25% or it still costs 15$. If it's been on your wishlist for awhile and your itching for a new game, then buy it and enjoy it. It probably won't be on sale again until Steams next big sale.

Steam Put a lot of really good games on sale this week, so please go check out the whole list. I've narrowed it down to my top picks.

Top Pick:

Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed:
This may come as a bit of a surprise to you, but this is one of the best Kart racers I've ever played. We reviewed it here some time back, and it just simply amazing. Kart racers are also few and far between on PC, so if you are looking for a great game to play with your kids and you are primarily a PC gamer, then look no further. 75% off, and $4.99

Runner Up:

Frontlines Fuel of War:
This shooter from 2008 had a lot of things going for it at the time. New shooter gameplay mechanics, solid AI, fun multiplayer, and graphics that still hold up fairly well today on PC. While the multiplayer population is a bit slim these days, if enough people buy it on sale then that problem will be taken care of. Even if they don't the AI is solid enough the playing against them is still fun and challenging. You should absolutely pick this up for 75% off, and $4.99 if you are looking for a shooter.

Honorable Mentions:

Supreme Commander Gold Edition:
Supreme Commander is an extremely complex, but extremely fun RTS. It has a depth of strategy rarely present in even more modern RTS's. Plus, the graphics still hold up well, the multiplayer community is still fairly active, and you get the excellent expansion pack included. At 75% off and $4.99 you absolutely should pick this up if you need at strategy fix.

Guns Of Icarus:
Have you ever wanted to play a steam punk airship combat game where you and some friends fly, maintain, and shoot from/with your airship to destroy other people's? Well man have I got a game for you. Guns of Icarus is extremely fun with an amazing community to help you get started and build a crew. It is multiplayer only though, so if you aren't into that sort of thing it's not worth it. Otherwise buy it for 75% off and $3.75.

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